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Seoul trip: Top 3 things to do in Seongsu

On a Wednesday afternoon, me and my friend Jimin decided to hang out in  Seongsu, neighbourhood of Seoul. Seongsu is currently a hot place in Seoul, so it is definitely worth visiting while traveling in Korea. Нere is a small itinerary of our lovely afternoon:

Lunch at 할머니의 레시피

If you are traveling in Korea on budget –  no worries, you can still afford eating lunch at Michelin-starred restaurant. We found a family-owned place which serves traditional Korean food, and were lucky to try their famous 불고기 (bulgogi).

The place called 할머니의 레시피 (Grandmother’s recipe) is listed on Seoul Michelin Guide 2018. Me and Jimin arrived to the restaurant around 1pm and, as in every popular place in Seoul, it was full.

Restaurant has a small yard with chairs for those on a waiting list, which is great during warm season. The list is hanging on the wall, so we put our names on it right away and waited for around 15 minutes to be seated. Obviously, on weekends the waiting time is much longer.

The place is small and cozy. We ordered bulgogi lunch of the day (8.000 ₩) and soft drinks (2.500₩). Food arrived fast and was super delicious! I wasn’t too full neither hungry. Totally satisfied with food and service! If you are traveling in Korea alone, don’t hesitate to come here on your own for honbap (혼밥 – eating alone).

Ttukseom Station, line #2, exit #8

Open every day: 11.30 – 22.00 (break time 15.00 – 17.00)

Photoshoot at 인생사진관

Photoshoot in Seoul

After eating we headed to the place called 인생사진관 (insaeng sajin kwan). The word in Korean  인생사진 (insaeng sajin)  means ‘photo of life’ – a quality photo, which will keep memories about the day/people/event for the rest of life. Koreans love to take pictures and are pretty creative when it comes to photography.

The photo studio we went to is a collection of artistic installations, where anybody could come and take pictures. Entrance fee is 15.000₩ per person. The lights are installed professionally, and there are also effects available, for example, smoke or bubbles. Tripods for cameras or phones can be borrowed for free. This place is widely popular among girlfriends and couples.

TIP: There is a dressing and make up room in the studio, so bring 2 or more outfits for the photo shoot. This way you will not be in the same clothes on each photo (as I did ㅋㅋ).

Seongsu Station, line#2, exit #3

Open: Mon-Sat 10:00 – 19:00

Pretty café Zagmachi in Seongsu, Seoul

After taking pictures, we went to a popular café in Seongsu, Seoul – Zagmachi / 자그마치- to chat and look at the photo materials we got. Zagmachi has unique interior, which is a combination of gallery, flower orangery and coffee house.

We ordered lemon layer cake (7.500₩), iced americano (5.000₩) and iced long black coffee (5.000₩). Moreover, this cafe is popular for its matcha latte, affogato and tea selection.


Seongsu Station, line #2, exit #3

Open every day 11:00 – 23:00

So, do not forget to stop by Seongsu neighbourhood while traveling in Seoul, especially these three amazing places I visited during my trip!

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  • Yahneake

    Love this blog post hon! It was very detailed and in especially enjoyed the bit about the photo studio! Asia is on my list of places to visit so I’ll note these locations for future travel! Keep the articles coming!

    • Olha

      Thank you so much, Yahneake! A lot of interesting posts about my traveling in Korea are coming up, stay tuned♡♡♡

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