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Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do: foodie day trip from Seoul

namyangju gyeonggi

Namyangju (남양주) is a city in the Gyeonggi province of South Korea (Gyeonggi-do/경기도), around 23 km from Seoul. If you want to travel to Namyangju from Seoul, the easiest way is by car or taxi. The place is famous among Seoulite for its delicious food and unique cafés and bars far away from Seoul’s city rush. If you search for a short day trip destination from Seoul, then Namyangju is a great idea.

My best friend’s onni invited us for a lunch outside of Seoul in Namyangju. After lunch, we relaxed at a beautiful café with a rooftop terrace overlooking mountains and Han River. If you search for a short day trip destination from Seoul, then Namyangju is a great idea


The restaurant we went to is called 시가울/Shikaul and once it was featured Korean TV, which led to the popularity of the place. Restaurant’s signature dish is bibimguksu (비빔국수), which is a Korean cold spicy noodle soup. It is very similar to bibim naengmyeon (비빔냉면), but the noodles are a bit different. If you cannot eat spicy food well, then for you it can be too spicy. But if you love spicy food as i do (Korean-spicy, which means a lot of hot red pepper), then you must try this delicious soup during hot days of summer, or any other time when you are in Korea.


The restaurant’s menu is short and contains signature dish – bibimguksu, 4 other types of guksu (noodle soups) with non-spicy options, seoksoe bulgogi (sliced and seasoned BBQ beef) and potato mandu (Korean dumplings). The side dishes include 2 types of kimchi – white kimchi and regular one, and you can see huge kimchi barrels inside of the restaurant – that’s where they are fermenting! Also, if you order bulgogi, you will get letuce leaves, gochujang sause and some garlic with chillies for ssam (쌈 –  making wraps of meat in green leaves with sides and sauses).

We ordered 3 normal-sized bibimguksu (비빔국수, 보통 – 7.000₩), one seoksoe bulgogi to share (석쇠불고기 – 15.000) and one bowl of rice for making ssam (공기밥 – 1.000₩). First, bulgogi arrived with side dishes andrice. We enjoyed eating ssam together, while waiting for the main course.

Finally, our bibimguksu arrived! It was very hot weather outside, and this cold soup was a lifesaver. Koreans believe, that eating spicy foods can help bear the summer heat, and it really worked for me too. The soup was delicious to my taste – very spicy and refreshing. I would also recommend this place for solo-travelers, since the restaurant it is comfortable for eating alone (honbap/혼밥).


Daily 10:30am – 9pm
Break time: 4pm – 5pm


경기 남양주시 고산로 196
Gyeonggi-do Namyangju-si Gosan-ro 196


So, our next stop was a hot-place cafe in Namyangju – Le Jardin de Café (르쟈덴드). This coffee shop has 4 floors and an amazing view to Han River and mountains.

On the second floor, you can order drinks and desserts. We ordered iced latte (아이스라떼 – 6.500₩), snow strawberry latte (스노우딸기라떼 – 7.500₩) and ice cream (아이스크림 – 6.000₩). I took the snow strawberry latte – it is a milk shake topped with a ball of strawberry ice cream and syrup (does not contain coffee). There are few cozy seat on the second floor as well, but most of the tables are on the third floor.

After ordering, we headed to the third floor to sit down, relax and chat. The tables are arranged in a way that everyone is facing a huge panoramic window with spectacular view. The interior details are minimalist and chic, but the atmosphere was still cozy.


Next, it was time to go see the fourth floor, which is the roof of the building. The view was fantastic and curtains along with decorations made a terrace so romantic! I am sure, that the view at the night time is awesome as well. Of course, we had a mini-photoshoot on the terrace, and the pictures came out very nice.


Daily 11am – 11:30pm


경기 남양주시 고산로126번길 33-2
Gyeonggi-do, Namyangju-si, Gosan-ro 126 beon-gil 33-2

It was a great afternoon getaway to Namyangju with my girls. If you are in Seoul, take a chance to explore nearby cities in Gyeonggi province, as many locals do!

If you are more interested in day trips to the sea, consider visiting  Gangneung – city by the East Sea in the north-west of South Korea, which is easily accessible from Seoul by train. Gangneung is one of the most popular short trip destinations among Koreans, all year round.  I went there during last summer and it was unforgettable! You can read about my adventure here. Have fun exporing beautiful Korea!

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