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Best cafes in Rome with delicious Italian pastries

Regoli Caffe - best cafes in Rome

One of the most exciting things to do in Italy is to explore coffee and dessert culture for such foodies as me. It is hard to find the variety of Italian pastries in my home town, so I made a plan to test some of them in the eternal city of Rome. Me and my boyfriend have visited three best cafes in Rome and tried filled croissants, cannoli and maritozzi.

#1 L’Emporio alla Pace

Before going to check Fountain of Neptune, Pantheon and Piazza Navonna, we stopped at one of the best cafes in Rome – L’Emporio alla Pace. This bar is extremely favored by locals – at 8 am on Tuesday there was a long queue of Romans getting their caffeine fix.

We ordered two cappuccinos and two croissants – one filled with custard cream and one with chocolate – all of this goodness costed less than 4 euros! Wow!

L'Emporio alla Pace best cafes in Rome

Pastries were amazing – fresh and the filling just melted in the mouth. Coffee was top quality. The place is really small, so prepare to squeeze in. Unlike many other bars, this one doesn’t charge you more if you sit at the table, but you are supposed to order at the bar and bring it to the table by yourself.

After delicious breakfast, we headed to see the attractions. At 8 am, it was completely empty on Piazza Navonna and a little bit more crowded at Pantheon. Of course, it was packed near the Fontana di Trevi, despite there was no water in the fountain on that day!

Address: L’Emporio alla Pace: Via della Pace 28, Roma

#2 I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza

We spotted I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza when strolling around streets of Rome not far from our Airbnb in Trastevere. The shop looked attractive from outside, so we popped in to check it out. We found out, that this cafe specializes in typical Sicilian pastry cannolo (cannoli in plural) – fried waffle filled with various creams, chocolate or ricotta cheese. Every day in cafe’s workshops they prepare by hand more than 1000 waffles.

Of course, we couldn’t resist trying some of the amazingly looking connoli, so we ordered 4 of them together with cappuccino. We got small-sized cannoli with pistachio, orange and almond cream fillings, 1 euro per each handmade masterpiece. Pastries were amazing – i have never eaten something like this before!

i dolci di nonna vincenza best cafes in Rome

We were so happy that didn’t pass by this cafe and tried cannoli. Moreover, Nonna Vincenza offers gluten-free pastries and take-out in bigger quantities is possible. When in Rome, do not miss the opportunity to try these delicious treats!

Address: Via Arco del Monte, 98a / b, Roma

Best cafes in Rome – #3 Pasticceria Regoli

Maritozzi con panna – an Italian pastry filled with whipped cream – was first on my list to try in Rome, as it resembles the Finnish winter holiday bun laskiaispulla which I really like. So, we headed to Regoli after searching online where it is possible to eat maritozzi.

The cafe itself looks really nice – typical Italian bar with few seats, but very well-lit and chic at the same time. There were many kinds of pastries on the display, and maritozzi was one of them. The staff told us, that traditional style maritozzi were sold out, but they had other ones with raisins added.

Regolli Caffe

We ordered two small maritozzi con panna and cappuccinos (as you already got it, cappuccino is our favorite coffee:) The price for everything was under 7 euro. As I expected, maritozzi tasted similar to Finnish laskiaispulla, but had way more cream and raisins added to the dough gave it a fruity flavour. I am a big fan of maritozzi con panna now!

Address: Via dello Statuto, 60, Roma

Open 6:30 – 20:20

All of the pastries we tried in Rome were amazing and I wish I could have them again! Visit these three cafes and enjoy delicious Italian coffee with sweet treats. Buon Appetito!

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