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Bakery café tour in Seoul

Lalabread cafe in Seoul

Abundance of bakery cafés in South Korea impresses. Sometimes you can forget that you are in the far East while eating that delicious bread and pastries. There are so many unique cafés with impressive designs as well.  If you are a café lover as I am, café tour during your Korea travel is a must!

So where to eat the best bread in Seoul? I visited some of Seoul’s most popular bakeries and was not disappointed!


This bakery café has 3 shops – two in Seoul (Jamsil and Hannam) and one in Gwangju. I stopped by LALABREAD after relaxing walk around Seokcheon Lake in Jamsil. This cafe is famous for its bread and pastries, but you can also eat lunch here and try wonderful desserts with coffee.

You can access bakery from different subway lines – #2 green, #8 pink or #9 brown. I prefer the way through Jamsil, as you can walk by Seokcheon lake and Lotte World tower.

Finding cafe might be tricky, so use Naver/Kakao maps to navigate.


서울특별시 송파구 오금로16길 4

by subway: Jamsil station (line #8 – exit 10 or line #2 – exit 2) 

Open daily 10am – 10pm

When reached Lalabread, order on the first floor. If you want to eat inside, choose a table downstairs (there are only few tables upstairs, and place is usually full). Also, on the first floor, you can try samples of jams/sweet spreads with bread (and buy them if you want).

I have ordered their famous dessert – strawberry toast (8.000 ₩) and iced americano (4.000 ₩). Toast was delicious, but if you do not like very sweet desserts, it might be too sweet for you. It paired well with americano and the sweetness level was just right for me.


This bakery is located in Gangnam, Seoul between Gangnam and Sinnonhyeon subway stations. It is on the 2nd floor of the building, and you can use outdoor stairs or elevator to go in.


 Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Bongeunsa-ro 4-gil, 20 

by subway: Gangnam station (line #2- exit 11) or Sinnonhyeon station (line #9 – exit 4)

Open Tue-Sun 12am – 9pm

I have heard about famous pastry “dirty choco” from this bakery, and came to try it. Also I love green tea latte (matcha latte), and I read on the Korean blog about good green tea latte in Our Coffee called “green tea double”.

I payed 4.300 ₩ for dirty choco and 5.200 ₩ for latte. The pastry was litetally “dirty” kkk as when eating it, your face and hands are covered with chocolate powder. Stuff gives you a wet tissue when you order it. But the taste was worth it! Latte was awesome too, but a little bit small for that price.


Rolling Pin is a popular bakery café located on the ground floor of Kyobo Gangnam Tower, a 26-story skyscraper in Seoul. This is a chain bakery, so you can find it in different areas of Seoul and other cities. Kyobo Tower is situated right near Sinnonhyeon subway station, but you can also walk there easily from Gangnam station.


Seoul, Seocho-gu, Gangnam-daero 465, Kyobo Tower

by subway: Sinnonhyeon station (line #9 – exit 6) or Gangnam station (line #2 – exit 10)

Open: weekdays 7.30am-9.30pm, weekends 8.30am-9pm

This café is famous for its 식빵/shikpang ( 식사/shiksa = meal and 빵/pang = bread), meaning that you can have it for breakfast or lunch as a meal with a drink. This kinds of bread are very popular in Korea. They can be salty or sweet, filled with cream or butter, etc. I have ordered butter pretzel (3.500 ₩), chocolate bread (4.800 ₩) and iced latte (4.500 ₩).

I have eaten the butter bread in café (the stuff cuts it for you) and took away the chocolate shikpang. Loved both breads, latte was good and big size.


Include these three bakeries into your Seoul café tour or just as a part of your Seoul vacation itinerary! Here are some more ideas of where to go. Also, I have visited a wonderful café in Seongsu, Seoul – Zagmachi – do not miss it!

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